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Google Docs Directions Handout:

Other documents from the blue handout:

Link to the annotation expectations for the RESEARCH PAPER UNIT:

Outline expectations/sample for RESEARCH PAPER UNIT:

Bib-Note_Card_SMART_Board_NOTES.JPGBibliography Card & Note Card Notes from 4.1.09 (no fooling!)

Database Unit Expectations (Blue Handout): College Prep Database Research.doc
Database Help Sheet: Database Help Sheet.doc
Introduction to Database Handout (Getting Started): Introduction to Database Research.doc
Organizational Structures Handout (Two Pages): Organizational Structures Packet.doc

Boolean Search Help (great handout from Berkeley):

Citation Machine (MLA Format):
Citation Machine (APA Format):

The Purdue University OWL (great MLA & APA resource):

ARTICLE: "Report: Students struggle with information literacy":**