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"Hamlet's Melancholy"
"Reforming the Role"
"Gertrude: Loving Mother or Scheming Adultress"
"Foils in Hamlet"

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Act Four - Comic Strip Task

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Act 5.1 Discussion Questions:

Review sites for Tuesday's "traditional" test:
Very thorough practice test (40 questions):
List of quizzes from which to choose:
Overall quiz of 25 questions:
Quiz of 10 questions:
Quiz of 25 multiple choice questions:
Quotations quizzes:
Acts I-II:
Acts III-V:
Quiz of 20 multiple choice questions:
Act IV:
Quiz of 10 multiple choice questions:,,1369768_1,00.html

Act 3.1 Soliloquy: Click on YouTube clip above, or click here:

For full online text of the play:

'The Story of Edgar Sawtelle' book review (8.3.08):