English 11 Lit Circles

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See/review the books here: http://www.shelfari.com/o1518106466/tags/english%2011%20lit%20circle

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Who's reading what in each class? Here's are the lists:

Links to CURRENT lit circles in English 11 with Mr. Ayer first semester:

1984 (7th Hour): http://nineteeneighty-four.wikispaces.com/
Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close (3rd Hour): http://extremelyloudandincreadiblyclose.wikispaces.com/
Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close (5th Hour): http://raisonsdetre.wikispaces.com/
Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close (7th Hour): http://extremelyloudnincreadiblyclose.wikispaces.com
Fahrenheit 451 (3rd Hour): http://451fahrenheit451.wikispaces.com/
Fahrenheit 451 (5th Hour): http://5th-hour-fahrenheit-451.wikispaces.com/
The Glass Castle (3rd Hour): http://glasscastlegirls.wikispaces.com/
The Glass Castle (7th Hour): http://sarahandayjasglasscastlewiki.wikispaces.com/
The Hours (5th Hour): http://thehoursbymichaelcunningham.wikispaces.com/
Icy Sparks (7th Hour): http://icysparksfive.wikispaces.com/
If I Die in a Combat Zone (3rd Hour): http://notanotherpersonalnarative.wikispaces.com/
If I Die in a Combat Zone (5th Hour): http://inacombatzone.wikispaces.com/
If I Die in a Combat Zone (7th Hour):
In Cold Blood (3rd Hour): http://english11incoldblood.wikispaces.com/
In Cold Blood (5th Hour): http://5th-hour-in-cold-blood.wikispaces.com/
In Cold Blood (7th Hour): http://hour7incoldblood.wikispaces.com/

A Tale of Two Cities (7th Hour): http://nrhsdecathalon.wikispaces.com/

Links to 2008 lit circles in English 11 with Mr. Ayer:


REQUIRED ASSIGNMENT: By Dec. 7, 2009, each of you must post a review to Shelfari.com for the particular book you are reading. To get credit, you will need to print me proof of this posting - and what fun - you get to share your thoughts on the book with THE WORLD! You will need to set up an account, and clicking below will get you on your way (the only required information is an e-mail and a new password - write them both down somewhere). QUESTIONS? Ask Mr. Ayer!
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Mr. Ayer's Shelfari.com page at:****http://www.shelfari.com/o1518106466****

Forms you might like to download (all are in your blue packet as well):