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Forgot you copy? Here's an electonic edition of the ENTIRE novel:

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Our first blog opportunity of second semester, and this one should be fun! Write about what scared you when you were little (12 years old or younger); give your reader a sense of time, context, and tell a story if you can. THEN, be sure to relate your childhood fear to some aspect of Golding's novel. LASTLY, be sure to read/comment on at least three other entries. Simply click on the list of names on my page and go. Be sure you have compelted this task by midnight on March 5. Happy blogging! Remember to e-mail your blog address to me ( as well, so that I can link you blog to mine, and other students can then read what you wrote. AUDIENCE!
And here's Blogger handout I showed on the SMART Board in class:

REQUIRED ASSIGNMENT: Read the following article and react to its content as it relates to the novel, Lord of the Flies. Remember to review the rubric that will evaluate the quality of your well written, well composed paragraph response. As always, feel free to respond to one another, but be polite and mature in doing so. Just click on the "Discussion" tab above and begin posting away. NEW FOLKS: Remember that you must sign in to post (and you must be an accepted member of the page before you begin contributing).

AFTER YOU'VE READ THE NOVEL: A great review game is just one click away...

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Chapters 8-9 Discussion Questions. Remember to write excellent, well-supported paragraphs for each:

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