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Required Assignment (DUE BY THE END of the Macbeth UNIT):
EXTENSION FOR REQUIRED ASSIGNMENT: Last chance to complete the assignment is by midnight on Sunday, December 17 - after that the assignment will be closed and you will lose points! Spread the word to those who missed out on the Friday, December 15 deadline. MR. A

One more time this semester, so make it count! Read the linked article entitled, "Lady Macbeth Not Alone in Her Quest for Spotlessness" by Benedict Carey.

Where the last two required assignments asked you to take a position on an article about a book, this one has a slight twist: Take a position on whether you find this article legitimate or entertainment. Everyone washes his/her hands, but when Macbeth and Lady Macbeth do so in the play, they do it for reasons on several levels. Is there any relevancy to our own society? Feel free to use personal examples or those you may have observed in our own society. Do the lines, "Out, out, damned spot" still reside in our own culture? Write a well-organized paragraph, and be sure to REVISE before posting (check out the rubric again to ensure quality results). Finally, as always, please respond to the paragraphs of others - feel free to disagree, but do so politely. REMEMBER: POST ON THE WIKI under the discussion tab above - click on "REQUIRED ASSIGNMENT" to enter your post. Happy writing!

Mr. A

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The Simpsons with Ian McKellen (The Curse of Macbeth!):

Another Simpsons clip that alludes to/involves Macbeth:

The Curse of Macbeth!

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